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Our Clients often tell us that our service helped them:

Office work really is my bug bear, says Jerry, who runs a white goods company.
I was answering the phone from 6am to 9pm and it got to the point of stupidity. I had to turn the work down.
The girls at YVO have helped me to expand my business and have taken all of the paper work off my hands, he says.

I’ve now trained up four engineers and the business just keeps getting bigger and bigger. One of the big issues for me was that I couldn't have a holiday. Now, I can switch off and the girls can run the company from the billing site. They’ve made it easier and now we all feel like part of the family business.

Outsourcing Business Admin – A solution or a Cost?

When people are setting up business there are a lot of costs involved - both in terms of finances and time! Your Virtual Office can help you alleviate those costs;

1. Time

2. Rent & Rates

3. Utilities

4. Staff

5. NI & TAX

6. Sickness Pay

7. Holiday Pay

8. Maternity Pay


Outsourcing will save you money in the long run: it will cut your costs in half!

So why not take advantage of our services and focus on what is most important to you?

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Case StudyTestimonial

Case Study: Domestic Engineer Company – 4 engineers, 1000 calls per month, whole back office support included.

Office Run by Business:
Salary for two staff: £3000.00 per month
Employers NI: £120.00 per month
Office: £500.00 per month
Rates: £300.00 per month
Telephone broadband: £50.00 Per Month
Utilities: £400.00Per Month
Accounts: £500.00Per Month
Total: £4870.00

Back Office Outsourced To YVO:
Total Each Month: £2250.00

I feel more confident when I am out on the road knowing that the organisation of my day is being taken care of. I used to be up until 11pm trying to sort all of my paperwork but now I can just come home, switch off and relax My contractors have just rated me with five stars and I know that that is due to the fact that the back office runs efficiently alongside myself at Your Virtual Office Ltd
YVO have built a great relationship with this company and we work with them face to face on a daily basis. We have a great understanding of each other’s needs and our companies run along together fluently. Jerry Baldwin, JB Domestics