Tips for Hiring a Bookkeeper or Accountant For Small Businesses

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As a small business owner you may be accustomed to handling most business tasks yourself. While this works well for responsibilities within the actual business, it is better to use a professional to help manage your fiscal transactions. Employing a bookkeeping Essex service helps to free up more time to invest in the business. While the accountant is busy with activities such as paying the bills, issuing payroll for your employees, and completing your tax documents on your behalf.

While hiring an Essex bookkeeper is a great business decision, caution should be taken to ensure the individual or company is the right financial professional for your business. Here are a couple of things to look for in choosing the right person.
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Choosing the Right Essex Bookkeeper

Check the potential business out in professional ethics organizations such as The Offices of Trading Standards and The Offices of Fair Trading – The accessibility to these records provides ease of access to embezzle funds. Due to the intimate nature of the accountant’s access to your financial records and money, it is paramount to have a trustworthy bookkeeping company.

Predetermine the size of the job – Not all financial professionals may be well skilled or well versed in bigger projects. Consult with them to determine if they are comfortable with the size of your needed project . A knowledgeable and skilled licensed specialist must be proficient in handling all of your businesses fiscal transactions whether your business is big or small.

Ask for referrals – Asking other business owners is a great place to begin in searching for the perfect accountant. Business owners satisfied with an accountant will be more than happy to provide a referral. Conversely, someone less than happy with an accountant who provided less than stellar results will likely not advise to use that particular auditor.

Review the references – After receiving a referral, send a request to the potential company for additional references. Once you have received the references, contact a few of them to see if they were pleased with their service. A few touch points to inquire on are the bookkeeper’s percentage on meeting deadlines, accuracy and were the amount of communicative correspondence sufficient.

Determine if the business has a proprietary information policy – Due to the sensitive nature of bookkeeping, it is best to have a bookkeeper committed to keeping sensitive information private. Not only is leaked confidential information embarrassing, it can also create a loss of business if competitors learn important trade secrets.

Your Virtual Office – Essex Bookkeepers For You!

The fact is that accountants are much more expensive than bookkeepers and therefore if you are using an accountant to do your books then you are missing a trick. It is sensible to have a bookkeeper attend to your accounts and then send them on to your accountant for the final calculations.

At Your Virtual Office we provide an extremely comprehensive, yet affordable bookkeeping service and have many satisfied clients. We also offer invoicing and credit control services that take a lot of workload and pressure from our business-owner clients.

So why not give us a call on 01268 411269 and find out how we can help your business!


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