Choosing The Right Bookkeeper For Your Business

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Bookkeeping Essex Businesses Can Count On

When a business flourishes, there arises the need for the bookkeeping services. However, a bookkeeping service is not a duty you should delegate to any one without considering some important factors.

Your bookkeeper is one person who will have access to most of your personal and business accounting information and therefore it is vital to find someone whom you will trust and feel comfortable working with. The qualities you need to find in the person, or company, that you choose as your bookkeeper are;

  • honesty
  • trust
  • integrity
  • reliabilty
  • competence

Match Your Bookkeeper With Your Requirements

As well as the stated personal qualities, you also need to take into account the type of work you require to be carried out and your budget for this.

  • Consider the scope of the bookkeeping work to be competed.
  • Consider the volume of work that you are likely to pile up in a day, in a week and also in a month.
  •  Inventory control and the preparation of the payroll are also factors that need to to be put on table first.
  • Do you have deadlines that need to adhered to – most of us do!
  • What is your budget – do the quoted prices reflect that budget?

By bringing all these considerations to the table at the beginning you will be making life a lot easier for both yourself and your bookkeeper in the future.

Finding the Right Bookkeeper For Your Business

Once you have determined the scope of work, the timescales, the level of service required and your budget it is now time to begin the search for the right bookkeeper.

The first step is to consult with people around you and listen to their experiences and recommendations – talk to your family, friends and your business associates and find out if there is a bookkeeper with a good reputation who can can arrange to visit and see if they are a good fit for what you require.

Essex bookkeeperThese days most people will go online and use Google to search for the products and services that they need. This is a great way of finding good candidates for your bookkeeping support person.

In the old days before the internet we could only use the Yellow Pages for this kind of thing which just gave us a name and phone number, or maybe a logo and slogan too if they had taken out a bigger ad.

These days the internet is a much better research tool as it is more interactive and we can find out much more about a company or individual by browsing their online profiles and checking for reviews and testimonials from other users of the service.

Selecting the Right Bookkeeper

Sometimes, by using the internet, it is possible to see that someone is well-qualified and appears to possess all the qualities that you require. You may however want to arrange an interview with them if you are not entirely sure. It is through the interview that you will get to ask specific questions that will leave you satisfied that this is the right person and right company to do your bookkeeping. You may have to interview a handful of final candidates before deciding on the best person but once you do you will be glad to have approached this task in a logical and organised way as it will save you a lot of grief and hassle in the future.


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