The Virtues of a Virtual Office for Tradesmen (or women!)

Is paperwork the bane of your business? Taking up precious hours where you could be out earning money or winning more contracts? If this rings true, then you’ll be pleased to know you are not the only one, and that there is a solution!

outsource business adminFor some companies, trying to manage the paperwork side of the business can get in the way of actually running the business – this is particularly true for tradespeople. Builders, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, cleaners, landscape gardeners; these are all hands-on careers that leave little time or inclination for paperwork.

That is where Your Virtual Office comes in, a company dedicated to answering phones and doing the paperwork as if they were part of your team! One tradesman Your Virtual Office has helped is Jerry Baldwin of JB Domestics in Basildon, who freely admitted that office work was his bugbear.

He was dealing with the office side of the business so much that he had to turn work down! Now, that doesn’t make good business sense.

The good news is that Jerry contacted YVO, and handed over the paperwork, allowing him to reclaim this valuable time to expand his business.

“I’ve now trained up four engineers and the business just keeps getting bigger and bigger. One of the big issues for me was that I couldn’t have a holiday. Now, I can switch off and the girls can run the company from the billing site. They’ve made it easier and now we all feel like part of the family business.” Jerry Baldwin of JB Domestics.

A year and a half later, Jerry now has four engineers working for him, and he even has time to enjoy a game or two of golf a week. Lightening the load has helped his business grow, and become more profitable. He has even bought himself an Aston Martin, so the return on investment using YVO is certainly well worth it.

If you think that you deserve a better future for your business, contact Your Virtual Office on 01268 411269.

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