Office work really is my bug bear,”      

– says Jerry, who runs a white goods company.



I was answering the phone from 6am to 9pm and it got to the point of stupidity. I had to turn the work down.”






The girls at YVO have helped me to expand my business and have taken all of the paper work off my hands,”

– he says.


I’ve now trained up four engineers and the business just keeps getting bigger and bigger. One of the big issues for me was that I couldn’t have a holiday. Now, I can switch off and the girls can run the company from the billing site. They’ve made it easier and now we all feel like part of the family business.


When people are setting up business there are a lot of costs involved – both in terms of finances and time! Your Virtual Office can help you alleviate those costs;

1. Time    

Time is priceless – you can never get time back!
Menial Tasks are detrimental to the growth of your business
Time taken up by: Invoicing, Making Payments, Calling People back, Making Appointments etc can be saved!
Time is by far the most important thing and YVO can help you find more time to do the important things so that you can do your work, shut the door and go home!

2. Rent & Rates

Rents are often overpriced & rates are a government tax!
Depending on size and location renting an office could cost you anywhere between £250-£2000 per month.
Working from home i.e. bedroom/study can be an isolating place to work and is full of distractions!

3. Utilities

Gas & Electricity costs are colossal!
Our average bill from British Gas was £350 +VAT per month & electricity £200+ VAT per month! So we shopped around and got a better deal!
If you do have an office go online and check out some alternative utility providers – research is key to get the best deal!

4. Staff

If you don’t have staff – you don’t have to pay them!
Benefits for YOUR pocket and YOUR business as you can invest money saved back into the business.
Another issue with staff is that after you train them they may decide to leave and work for someone else with their new found skills – with outsourcing that never happens!




5. NI & TAX

If you have Staff you have to pay NI & Tax for your staff which is an additional strain on cash flow.
It can be confusing and time-consuming to figure out if you don’t know how to do it. If you outsource this is time that you can spend marketing, networking and communicating with your clients to build better relationships.


6. Sickness Pay

Every employer has an obligation to pay statutory sick pay when a member of your staff is sick after the first week.
This is a worry for employers and can mean unproductive days, waste of business funds and frustration as employers have to deal with lateness and absence


 7. Holiday Pay

Contracted members of staff have to be paid holiday pay – the minimum holiday is 20 days plus bank holidays!
This is money that can be used elsewhere in the business, on projects, marketing, stock or looking after your family which is ultimately what the aim is.


 8. Maternity Pay

Another obligation that employers have to do is pay statutory maternity benefit to expectant mums – this is lovely for the mother and her family, but for a business it presents difficulties for many reasons!


Outsourcing will save you money in the long run: it will cut your costs in half!

So why not take advantage of our services and focus on what is most important to you?

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