Positioning Your Business for Success with Professional Call Answering

Personalised Call Answering Services

If you have a small to medium-size business in the UK and you’re looking to improve your business image as well as improve your businesses productivity, you may want to consider Personalised Call Answering as a small but effective resource. This resource that many businesses are turning to is known as personalised call answering. There are many benefits to these phone answering services and these benefits can help your business in ways you may have not even imagined.
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Personalised Call Answering Helps Business Win More Customers

Perhaps the core reason why so many small and medium sized businesses turn to this form of call answering is that it is estimated that out of all the people that call a business and are asked to leave message, roughly 75% of them don’t. This can lead to an increasingly frustrated customer base that has to call back several times to speak to a live person. It also can result in lost revenue as potential clients may not take kindly to having to leave a message rather than talking to a live person. Worse, many will choose to use a different company rather than call back. But make no mistake, this isn’t the only reason these call services are so popular.

Personalised Call Answering Makes Staff More Productive

When an employee is working on a task, working on a project or the like and the phone rings, it is very time consuming to drop everything and start answering the phone. It has been estimated that this shift, from one task to another,has an adverse effect on productivity. Studies suggest that it takes the employee an average of 15 minutes to re-engage with the project or task they were working on before their attention was diverted to answering the incoming phone call. If this happens numerous times per day, as is often the case, this could severely limit an employee’s productivity and on a larger scale can hinder a business’s overall productivity and efficiency.

Personalised Call Answering Makes You Look Highly Professional

Lastly, having a personalised call service gives your business a professional image. This is an excellent way to promote your business as a bastion of professionalism. Something as simple as a call answering service can make a huge first impact on potential clients and customers. It can be a lasting first impression that can have profound positive effects on how other people, clients and paying customers alike, view your business.

You may not have thought of it before but something as simple as a call answering service can help to put your business on the map with potential clients and customers. With increased efficiency, keeping existing and potential clients happy as well as giving your business the professional image it need

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