8 New Year Resolutions For Small Business Owners


  1. Identify goals for 2016

Grow your team? Add more services/products? Reach a wider audience? Re-brand? Decide how you want to improve your business over the next 12 months and make that the focus of everything you do.



  1. Pimp website

Make sure your website has up to date and relevant information on it, especially in line with your business goals. You should also check that all your links are working, and identify what areas could do with an update, such as a long contact form.



  1. Check pricing

Is it time you charged more? Has your offering changed recently, or will it change over the next year? Have business rates increased, or your rent gone up? It is important to make sure that your pricing is in line with economic changes, the varying costs of running a business, and also reflects the hard work that you and your staff put in.



  1. Push social media

It is one of the most effective ways of increasing brand visibility. While you are tweaking your website make sure that your social media platforms are being used to their full potential. If you are yet to set up social media for your business – do it now! Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are probably already being used by your competitors, and possibly G+, Instagram and YouTube too.



  1. Join a local networking groupnew year

If local connections are important to your business, then you need to get out there and meet other business owners in your town or region. Word of mouth recommendations are still by far the most effective way of gaining new business.



  1. Publish some blogs

This keeps your website fresh, and keeps your social media presence interesting and relevant. Every time you post, make sure you share with as many people as possible, and take note of how people are responding in your comments, you could gain some valuable insights about your business.



  1. Book time off

Let’s face it, without booking it in advance, the chances are the year will just fly by without you taking a much-needed break!



  1. Plan to outsource!

You can ease your workload, and use the time to concentrate on achieving those all important business goals for 2016 by outsourcing accounts, bookkeeping, and general admin duties. Like the sound of this? Then get in touch with YVO! We specialise in offering virtual office, and bookkeeping services to businesses in Essex.

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