Find Time To Love Your Customers Again With 3 Easy Office Outsourcing Tips


February is traditionally the month of Romance, a great excuse to show your customers some TLC – and love running your business again. All you need to do is free up some time to be able to do it! Outsourcing is the number one way that the owner of an expanding small business can get back to attracting more customers and clients, and make more money!



  1. Outsource Your Phone Calls

You can’t get on with work while you are answering the phone! Outsourcing calls is the perfect way to pass the job on without the costs of taking on another member of staff.  Call Answering services work like this:


  • The virtual office assistants get to know your business and work as part of your team.
  • All calls are handled personally and professionally in your company name.
  • Assistants are able to answer your client’s questions.
  • You will never miss a call from a prospective client again.
  • You can have a permanent team or just have holiday cover.




  1. Outsource Your Bookkeeping

One of the reasons your business is a success is because you are good at what you do – so spending time on bookkeeping is probably not putting your talents to their best use or helping you bring in new business.  By outsourcing your bookkeeping you will find that:


  • You won’t need to deal with HMRC yourself.
  • There is no need for your bookkeeping paperwork to take up precious office space.
  • You can use your FREE TIME to keep existing clients happy.
  • You can make time to attract new clients.



  1. Outsource Your Back-Office Admin

When a company is small, the admin side of running a business is minimal, but as it grows, back-office admin plays a bigger part in keeping the business going. But many business owners find that it is the back-office admin duties that stops them being in love with what they do because it is labour intensive – and boring. The solution? Outsource it! Benefits of outsourcing Back-Office duties include:


  • Keep your business away from home.
  • Make MORE TIME to do what you love in your business.
  • Understand your profits better.
  • Improve cash flow.
  • Increase productivity.



Remember: If you free up your time by outsourcing what you DON’T want to do, you can get on with what you DO want to do. Contact Your Virtual Office if you are ready to put the love back into what you do!

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