Your Virtual Office – How it all began…

Our blog is full of tips to help your business be better, but we have yet to share how YVO came to be the success it is today. We hope you find our story inspirational, and pick up some new tips for helping your business grow! Our story… It was 2009 when Kim and Clare […]

10 Reasons To Say YES To Outsourcing

When you decide to outsource, there are 10 things that you instantly won’t have to worry about… 1. NO STAFF If you don’t have staff, you don’t have to worry about staff illness, health and safety regulations or staff morale! With absenteeism said to be costing around £598 per employee (according to ACAS), this could […]

Know What Your Time Is Worth!

It can be difficult to know what your time is worth as a small business owner, but it is essential to know this information if you are to get your pricing right for future projects. We share valuable insights and easy-to-implement tips about how to track time and income! Track your hours The best way […]

Outsourcing for Sole Traders

Five Steps to Successful Outsourcing for Sole Traders Outsourcing can let you focus on the things you love doing in your business, while someone else gets on with the less interesting bits, but you need to know how to find the right outsourced help to meet the needs of your business. Here’s how in 5 simple […]

The Virtues of a Virtual Office for Tradesmen (or women!)

Is paperwork the bane of your business? Taking up precious hours where you could be out earning money or winning more contracts? If this rings true, then you’ll be pleased to know you are not the only one, and that there is a solution! For some companies, trying to manage the paperwork side of the […]

YVO: The Beginning

Where it all begun… In 2009 Kim and Clare met at a friends BBQ, where they discovered they had both left working in the city, Clare to spend time with her children and Kim due to redundancy. After chatting for a while they decided using their joint knowledge they could build a business to help […]

Outsourcing Admin Services – Finding A Virtual PA and Office

Outsourcing Admin Tasks As we move further into our technological age, companies are constantly seeking new and more efficient ways to provide services and to increase the productivity of their workforce. With ever new technological advancements developing every day, businesses need to keep up with current trends to stay ahead of the competition. The ability […]

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